Our Mission

BAT Complex Mission

Our mission as an athletic training center is to focus on player development across all sports improving BASES (Balance, Agility, Strength, Endurance, Speed), and to enhance coordination, reaction, and other motor skills. We strive to offer the best training equipment and programs available and help each member achieve their personal goals.

NY Silverbacks Mission

The (BAT) NY Silverbacks were established in 2017 by Biometric Awareness Training Inc, (Now BAT Complex LLC), after several years of athletic training starting in 2014. Founders Joseph Panarese and John Robinson built a reputation in the youth community of caring, commitment, passion, and the ability to reach youth athletes and help them achieve goals.

Our mission is to instill confidence, passion, and dedication to the greatest game on earth; Baseball. Being a new organization, the seeds have been planted to create a winning environment and in time winning traditions will be cultivated. We have already had some on-field successes and seen each player advance in their own way.

No child is left behind.

What this means is while playing for a “Club” team is not an entitlement, every kid has a right to prove themselves after they have been giving proper training and instruction. The reason we have come to existence is to improve upon the shortcomings of other programs that either do not understand how to develop players, or only recruit B+ and above talent to create teams and play games and tournaments. Our mission is to help kids improve. Some kids are not cut out to be travel baseball players, we feel each kid deserves a chance to train to become one, and be giving a chance to compete for a spot after proper training. While this could impact wins and loses, it means much more long-term for each player as the lessons learned in our system develop character. Anyone can recruit A players, but to build players is special; this is our core mission.

The real value to our program is our commitment to athletic training and mastery of game skills, which advance in difficulty as players work their way through our levels. The player development system focuses on BASES (Balance, Agility, Strength, Endurance, Speed), also coordination, reaction, and motor skill development. Each age group offers new challenges and new opportunities for personal growth and game skills from 9U fundamental training, all the way up to 17U College Showcase preparation and recruiting services.

The NY Silverbacks set high expectations and standards for the BAT staff, Silverback coaches, trainers, interns, assistants, and for “selected” parent assistants. Our training and coaching staff is comprised of certified and professional fitness and performance trainers, current and former college baseball players, and former professional athletes. Understanding club programs come at an expense, we do our best to keep costs as low as possible without sacrificing program quality and fairness. At times we recruit and utilize select, qualified, and approved fathers who have the skills and values we seek in our staff in areas of game administration (head coach), qualified game skills (assistant coach / skills coach), and for practice repetitions and station management. These parent coaches follow our program and guidance, are trained, and are reviewed and rated. Our values consist of positive reinforcement, confident and winning attitude, constructive criticism, understanding of personal awareness, emotions, and mental states of our players, ability to deal with umpires, parents, and fans in a professional manner, and to make adjustments needed to get the most out of our players. We’re developing character on and off the field. We are helping our players learn how to deal with failure, learn how to be a good respectful winner, and learn to compete against other teams as well as teammates.