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Dates set, spots filling up fast. Off-Season Baseball BASEBALL 8-WEEK OFF-SEASON TRAINING Off-Season Softball: 8-Week Softball Performance Program Now at Yorktown Sports Complex – Navajo Fields (New Home of Biometric Awareness Training) SIGN UP TODAY!


BAT is proud to announce a new relationship with Microgate USA to bring elite sports science capabilities to our community. BAT is now offering Performance Evaluations, a 75-Minute evaluation performed by Microgate USA to provide a detailed analysis of the ...more >>

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Click here to view the BAT class calendar and register for any session. Setup an account so that we can properly track our members and keep you informed of all upcoming classes and events. Create a “Parent” account and then ...more >>
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Good to meet you Jake! #BFS incredible program. Best Wishes. John & Joe #BATComplex

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What was once reserved to the elite few, we now bring to everyone!

The BAT Process

Our performance program always starts with an evaluation based upon both subjective and objective tests. We utilize cutting-edge sports science technology and methods to gain biometric data and to measure and compare that data over the course of our training.
  • Evaluate
  • Train
  • Monitor

Sports Performance

We perform group strength and conditioning mixed with sport specific training to build towards optimal game performance. Our mix of functional fitness, sports science, and related sporting drills offers a unique combination of game preparation. As we train, we are observing participants for technique, mechanics, inefficiencies, and imbalances as we build their BASES:
Balance, Agility, Strength, Endurance & Speed.

Data & Technology

Currently in development, our members will soon have access to a feature-rich web portal to access their personal biometric and sports performance metrics, and a host of other information from personal training plans, showcase services, video analysis, and more…

Training Center

Partnering with MICROGATE USA in Mahopac, New York, BAT has established a headquarters that consists of a BFS (Bigger, Stronger, Faster) certified GYM, several rooms featuring high-tech Sports Science technology, group training areas, and consultation rooms; all important to the overall management of athletic performance training. BATs partner Somers Sports Arena in Somers, New York, provides two mini-turf fields for training clinics, featuring several batting cages, turf pitching mounds, and other equipment, it's perfect for all sport programs.
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